Golf Membership Buyer's Guide

What to look for & what to ask when choosing a golf club membership

Starting Your Research on Golf & Country Club Membership Opportunities

Initially, you should take the time to clarify your reasons for joining a club before purchasing a golf club membership. Are you most interested in golf and the course itself or the amenities, dining options, social events /entertainment, and other facilities… or perhaps both? On one end of the spectrum there are true country clubs, offering a wide variety of amenities (pool, tennis, etc…) in addition to golf for members to enjoy. Typically, these types of clubs are especially appealing to families due to the focus on other amenity offerings outside of golf. On the other end of the spectrum there are true golf clubs which typically have a significant emphasis on the quality of the golfing experience – for true golf enthusiasts or the potential single member, these clubs may turn out to be a better option as there is a clear focus on the course and practice facilities. Many golf & country clubs strive for a balance between the two.

As you begin your research, think about how much time you will have to spend at the club (will you make good use of your membership?) and if the club is conveniently located to your home or office – these considerations will no doubt have a significant impact on the development of your club interest list. Finally, have a general budget in mind so you can properly assess the affordability of club fees and dues.

Gathering Information on Golf & Country Club Membership Opportunities

Many times, it can be a bit difficult to obtain detailed information regarding various clubs. This can make comparing several clubs an arduous task. If you are already interested in a few particular clubs, try to ask someone who is already a member about their club. In many cases, this may be the best means of getting inside information on the clubs you are considering.

If you are not targeting any particular clubs, define a geographical area that makes sense for you and build a list of clubs that you would like to inquire about (using a resource like and begin to reach out to them. Most importantly, after initial contact with the club, do not forget the importance of a personal club visits to be able to compare clubs effectively.

How to Inquire about Membership Opportunities

Don't be afraid to reach out to any club that may interest you directly. Most all clubs welcome new membership inquiries and will provide you with all of the relevant, up-to-date information regarding their current membership opportunities allowing you to make an initial assessment if the club fits your needs. Typically, if you do not know a current member of the golf club you are interested in, the General Manager or Membership Director will setup an appointment to give you a tour of the facilities and club, explain their application process and perhaps arrange for you to play a round of golf. If, after your tour, there is a mutual interest, the Membership Director and/or the Membership Committee Chairperson will begin to introduce you to a few members and the process has unofficially started!

Before you move ahead with the actual application process, it is very important to ask the right questions about your potential golf club membership so you can make an informed decision. To help you get started, has put together an initial set of questions that each prospective member should submit to any club of interest.

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